ABout me

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Connecting people is my passion 

My name is Gudrun Berger, and I am the founder of INVESTAINABLE. I do have an academic background in business administration and coaching. Having worked and lived abroad in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and the United States for several years I do have a broad understanding of diversity and know how international business projects can succeed, if cultural differences are being respected. 20 years of working experience in corporate world, the SME and the NPO sectors have taught me that the success of a business depends first of all on the right product and management strategy, but at the same time on the people who work for the company and the culture of communication within the organization.


As a business consultant for several years, I grasp new concepts and ideas very quickly and know what is needed to achieve success. I believe that my accumulated knowledge of business and human nature paired with my international experience build the right foundation to connect angel investors and start ups. 


Most important, I am passionate about meeting people from different countries and generations, increase allies and inspire creative strategies for our futures. 


Why do I care for sustainability and what is my driving motor? 


We depend on and are supported by nature and our natural ecosystem provides us with the basics we need to survive: fresh water, fertile soil, our atmosphere, timber, just to name a few. By exploiting our natural resources, we take away our base of life. It is our responsibility to conserve nature and drive technological progress in a responsible and sustainable manner. And we can do it! We can all take corrective actions and learn to use renewable energies and recyclable materials in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. 


At the same time it is important to shift our focus on human progress. First, we are all called to creating a change in our own mindset, rethink our values and shift to a more responsible lifestyle. Secondly, we should think as a human race how we can improve living conditions for those who are not so well off. 


I believe in the human ability to take remedial measures and to strive for a worthwhile future. Together we can leapfrog into a new area and create change. 


It is my pleasure to contribute to achieve our sustainability goals and to be the intermediary between people who want to actively make a difference. 

What are my values?

  • acting transparent, with integrity and respect to the other

  • enable communication at eye level

  • being reliable and delivering services of excellent quality to both - investors and young businesses

  • focusing on the development of sustainable ideas benefiting environment and people

  • providing profitable business opportunities that are ecologically reconcilable with nature, the environment and humanity