Green Field


responsible investing


I always get excited when learning about new purpose-driven inventions or start-ups and I ask myself how these great ideas can be further brought into this world. What if ... this idea would grow into a working product or service and benefit our planet and society? What if .... this idea could meet the perfect investor? 

Inspired by the possibility of making my contribution to connecting innovative concepts for planet and humanity with funding I decided to found INVESTAINABLE

I do have an international business background with working experience in corporations in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria, thus understanding the investor's need for solid investments. I understand the economic requirements on the business side and can translate them to the idea bringers and vice versa make the product impact clear to the investor. 

My mission is to be the door opener by coordinating great sustainable business ideas and angel investors to make a successful investment a reality. 


How it works

for investors

Are you looking for impactful investment opportunities with return? What would you say if you could make a difference by unleashing the power of capital for good? Doing something purposeful with your money simply by choosing the right investment option. And knowing that you have made the right decision by supporting an idea that will make an impact to the environment or humanity. 

I connect you with sustainable businesses that are ready to scale and are looking for an investor who wants to empower purpose-driven start-ups.  

For Start-ups

Is it your heartfelt concern to reduce our carbon footprint or have a positive impact on society through your business idea? Do you want to support the community and economy dependent on a healthy planet? Is your business ready to explode and are you looking for a source of funding? Great! Let's talk! I'd like to connect you with investors who are ready to finance purposeful entrepreneurs who are committed to climate change mitigation and social progress.